Reading, a superpower among others?!

Spider man reading a book
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Life can get real easy or real hard

An hand holding a crystal ball with a white flowers blurred background
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What is the ultimate treasure on Earth?

Crystall pyramid with reflections on a blue background
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Are we prepacked up? Full of the stuff? Or do we acquire it?

Black background and a light post with black letters saying YOU ARE ENOUGH
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Engineer and the energy

We don’t like being bossed arround but…

Man with open arms forming a cross with sky reflected in the water beneath him and sunsetting with way too much different colors other than orange
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The evident or maybe not so much outer slavery

Does it really?

Beautiful sky, ocean and mountain blurred background with an hand holding a lense and the focus is on looking through the lense
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Assume the position of the producer

Lets first stop outsourcing everything externally

two girls jumping in the air in the middle of city road, they look like they succeeded
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Get out of Your Mind and get Into Your Heart and Hands

Are we practicing the art of being miserable right now?

little puppy black color looking sad in front of a table with a pie, with white background
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The stuff that your system consumes

You do, the moment you take your ability to respond back to you

looking at a pool from a round lenses glasees in a summer atmosphere, vegetation in the background
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Who Decides if Anything at all Means Anything or Everything?

Why do you believe something negative about you?

Woman as shadow figure raising the fist in the air and an orange sunny background
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Joao Fonseca

Just wanted to heal my nose after surgery now after eons seeking the whole Internet, books and whatnot for answers I decided to write.

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