How About a Full Blown Renaissence Just Because part 2


After many years of studying, many resources, I find this simplicity in HeartMath stuff, they really nailed all the science and spirtuality and much more, bravo! I will try to simplify and go much more with their stuff, it just works and it’s practical and it is…

Inner comment

Enough of modern and ancient bullshit (some of the science and some of the religions you know)

Enough of all this nonsense, ask yourself has it worked for you? Has it worked for your people, has it worked in the past? Do you think it will work in the future? If the answer is NO to all this questions then why do we keep doing it? It’s…

Lets first stop outsourcing everything externally

Yes of course we all have to consider external things, but remember that you are not here to live other’s life, if that was the case, why bother? There is already somebody living that life. Use the push outside but move internally, there you will find everything.

Get out of Your Mind and get Into Your Heart and Hands

Use some basic…


Just wanted to heal my nose after surgery now after eons seeking the whole Internet, books and whatnot for answers I decided to write.

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